Pepsi Cola
Pepsi Cola, Long Island City, IV: May 19, 1998
55 1/4 x 123 inches (140 x 312 cm)

In 1998, when Lutter photographed the Pepsi Cola sign, it had been mounted on the roof of the Long Island City-based Pepsi Cola factory for roughly seventy years. From her perspective on the roof of the factory behind the sign, one can see, through the armature of the logo, New York City merging with this aging icon of pop culture and industry. With the building’s roof visible in the foreground, Lutter positions this enormous advertisement as if upon a stage, waiting, after all this time, for its close-up. Seen from this vantage, the sense of commercial prominence and pop-culture celebrity inherent in both the Pepsi sign and the characteristic depiction of New York City becomes apparent, emboldened by the Manhattan skyline in the background.