Vera Lutter Linger On
Linger On, 2008
Archival inkjet print on plexiglas
84 × 133 inches (213 × 338 cm)

Linger On is an installation of a single, ethereal black and white image, photographically derived, digitally composed, and printed onto plexiglas.

As the Zeppelin hovers in space, the viewer is invited to linger alongside it in anticipation of its movements. Both a primal and alien form, the Zeppelin invades and congests the domestic space with its vague industrial presence. Its imposing silhouette suggests both companionship and estrangement. The panels, which hang together to form a semi-translucent wall, mimic the disposition of the Zeppelin as it waits patiently within the protective walls of a hangar for its next departure.

The installation, sized specifically for each site, is printed onto one or more sheets of plexiglas and suspended between the floor and ceiling. The properties of this installation combined with the translucency of the material allow it to embody image, architecture, and installation all at once.