Recent Project in Athens and Cape Sounio
Feature in The New York Times Magazine
September 22, 2021
Vera Lutter Feature in The New York Times Magazine

In early August, when The Times Magazine reached out to the photographer Vera Lutter about documenting ancient Athenian ruins, she was in her native Germany mourning her father, who died this summer. At the time, European news had been dominated by reports of wildfires in Greece — an ill omen for the clear skies and uphill hikes required to shoot atop the Acropolis.

And Shannon Simon, a photo editor producing the project for the magazine, said they needed the pictures by September.

On Monday, during an interview at her studio about her work that appears in the Magazine’s Voyages issue, Ms. Lutter had a question of her own to ask about the newspaper.

“What I would love to hear from you,” she said, “is do you think they knew what they were getting themselves into?”

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